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HOP to Freshers - Everything you need to know about Freshers Week

Freshers week is an exciting time for students, whether you are someone that is out partying every night or getting involved in the day time activities there is exciting and fun opportunities in those first few weeks when you arrive at University. Even though this is a thrilling time for many students it can also be intimidating not knowing what to expect so we thought we’d give you a ‘everything you need to know about freshers’ blog so that you can feel more prepared on your first few weeks at University.

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What is freshers week?

Freshers week is a welcome period thrown by your University for new students starting their course. It’s an amazing chance to make new friends, let yourself go and learn more about your course, campus and societies.

Why do we have a freshers week?

As well all know for a lot of students, starting out at university is their first real experience of independence and freedom. For many this can be exhilarating and make you want to shout AT LAST! However, for others it can feel lonely and strange. That’s the beauty of a fresher’s week, it aids all different types of students to be able to experience what’s best for them. For some that’s painting the town red before lectures start and for others that’s working out the kitchen space, visiting the library and joining societies.

No matter what type of person you are it’s your time to get to know your city, campus, course mates and flat mates and to get yourself rooted before your course starts.

When does freshers week start?

Usually freshers start around the end of September or in some cases the middle of September. Some Universities run it for two weeks and this is often the case in Scotland. You’ll be able to check on your University website for details.

What happens in freshers week?

Freshers week has amazing opportunities to help your confidence grown, meet new friends and get to grips with your course. The first thing you will see on campus is huge bazaars that filled with people and stalls. These are a must when starting University because you can get to see all the societies and clubs you can join! Anything you can think of from football, choirs, dance and even Dungeons and Dragons. You’ll also be able to drop into some taster sessions which can give you some extra curricular fun.

You’ll be able to check out things like freshers nights in the campus club which usually have some headline acts on (can often be themed some maybe take some basic fancy dress bit with you). These are always a great time to get dressed up and take pictures with flat mates.

There are just as many day time activities you can join to, things like trips out in and around the City, cinema, theatre… you name it you’ll probably be able to find it.

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How does freshers week work?

Fresher is always a big week! It’s profitable for all pubs and clubs not just on the campus. You’ll see in your halls of residence posters of events (as well as on social media) that are happening on the campus but keep your eye out for adverts for other clubs and bars- They often do wristbands for the week and have amazing events planned. Be warned these go fast so have a look well before freshers week.

How much money do you need for freshers week?

Difficult question to answer. This is totally up to you, however be care not to blow your entire first maintenance loan installment in those first two weeks even though it’s an exciting time with lots of tempting events and activities. Remember you’ve got to be able to eat at for the next few months after that!

Try and do a few nights in with room or course mates cooking for each other and make sure to take advantage of offers such as the wristband we’ve mentioned.

If you are really worried try setting out the amount of money you are comfortable spending, maybe save a bit extra before you start Uni or set some physical barriers such as withdrawing a certain amount of money and leaving your card at home or moving your money into a saving accounts and just transferring what you need.

How to stay healthy in freshers week

Freshers flu…yes, it’s real. Lots of people together on campus and in bars and clubs means a lot of germs can fly around, added to the fact that freshers week is pretty excessive and can make you feel worse. Too much alcohol, bad diet and lack of sleep and contribute to this.

Try and drink lots of water in the day time get some fruit in and make sure you have some alcohol-free time so you can get a proper night’s sleep!

Whoever you are you are going to have a great time at freshers just make sure to do what YOU want to do and look after yourself!

Check out or blog on budgeting this might help with any money worries you have going into freshers.

Check out or blog on budgeting this might help with any money worries you have going into freshers.

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