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HOP to Freshers - Making your bedroom a home

So… you have selected your University, your course and now your accommodation…it’s finally time to think about decorating your bedroom. Whether you are a starting Uni as a fresher, returning or even staying at home while you study, how you decorate your room is important to make sure you have a relaxed space that you can work, sleep and chill in... we’re talking total Zen vibes! So, here’s our top 10 tips on decorating your bedroom to your style with some home comforts and some life hacks too so that you can return to your accommodation thinking ‘there’s no place like home’ maybe even click your heels too if you are feeling extra.

  • Get some jazzy bedding! No! Scratch that get 2 sets of jazzy bedding so you can mix it up and you have some spare while you are washing one set or for if you have a friend to stay over. Dunelm is a great choice for bedding as there is so much variety and it’s really affordable, we’ve all spent hours in Dunelm…it’s like Narnia.
Main pic 2 1
  • Scatter Cushions and/or a blanket. These are great choices to give your room some extra style as well as additional warmth in winter and they are great for wrapping up watching your favorite show if you are feeling a little homesick. Primark (Primarni) does some great and cheap cushions and blankets.
Pug 1210025 1920
  • Storage Boxes. In some accommodations space is limited and you can end up cluttering your room up. We highly recommend getting some storage boxes do help declutter. You can have these on top of wardrobes or under your bed you can even get some that are actually cute… not those awful plastic ones. Esshhh. The old faithful Ikea is the way forward as per.
Storage boxes
  • Get a swanky lamp! 2 quick reasons, 1. You might need some extra light, or want mood lighting. 2, You can make a feature in your room with this, we’re not saying buy a giant flamingo lamp…. although??
Lamp 1
  • Stick on blinds. Sounds crazy right? Curtains in accommodation are a bit hit or miss you could get hardcore blackout ones or flimsy see-through grandma’s nighty ones. Also, you can easily remove these mark-free when you leave your accommodation. Win win.
  • Fairy lights. It’s obvious so not a lot to say on this one except they are pretty and cheap and you can get some really unusual ones…like donuts…might make you hungry though!
Fairy lights
  • Plants and small decorations. Plants are a great way to add some colour and life to your room but don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb you can easily get fake plants that look pretty awesome- just remember they will need dusting! You can get some really amazing small decorations, pots and other knickknacks from places like the Range for cheap as chips.
  • Get a mirror! A mirror is important because you might not have a big one in your room already and you the one in the main bathroom is gunna have a que…uhhh the pain. Check to see if you can hang one with your landlord and if not get a free standing! Ohhh maybe pop your fair lights around it for extra light!
Free standing mirror with storage 900x1151
  • Memo board- These are such a great way of you bringing photos of friends and family to help tackle any homesickness you might have but also if you leave a gap at the bottom you can have space for new memories and friends you make. They are cheap to buy and the best thing is you can avoid handing anything on walls (which is often a big no no). All the hooks or pins come in the set when you buy them. Just the big question of which picture to take with you now!?

Memory Board 2
  • Desk storage- I know I know…It sounds boring, but it really doesn’t have to be. You can get some amazing boxes, files and stationary that can reflect your personality and create the perfect little study space to make you feel productive.
We hope these top tips will get you feeling excited to decorate your room, sure it’s not MTV Cribs stuff but we promise you will have a room that is more you and somewhere you can feel at home.
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