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Life Long Learning Week- From Theatre to Marketing

Our Marketing and PR Coordinator Rach answers some questions on returning to education at 28 and why it was the best move she made.

What did you return to education to do?

I returned to University to get my MSc in Advertising and Marketing.

Why did you decide to go back and study a masters?

I had already got a degree in theatre and drama and was making theatre/ performing for around 5 years. I really enjoyed promoting and marketing shows/events and ended up really wanting to go into that field. Although I had learnt a lot on the job I really wanted to go back and fine tune my skills though higher education and learn a wider scope of marketing rather than just in the arts.

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What was you most worried about going back to study?

I was worried about potential age between myself and other people on the course. I was also worried about my ability to write academically after 6 years out of education. Time was also a concern too, making sure I could still work and continue to make theatre in my spare time.

How did you find the transition going back to study?

I found the change refreshing! My worries of the age gap were gone on my first day as there were a mix of ages on the masters. I also found that because I was older and had a better understanding of how I uniquely learn and because of that I was getting better grades then I did in my undergrad. I gained a 2.1 in my undergraduate but in my masters I received a high first and won and award for marketing student of the year. I was surprised to see how much free time I did have. I managed to work still and perform on the side.

What would you say to someone thinking about retraining or returning to education as an adult learner?

I would say find someone to talk to about it like a careers advisor and go to open days because it’s a big decision and it can feel unrealistic with worries of finance, fitting in, learning to learn again, but there are people available to show you that YOU CAN DO IT - whatever circumstance you have. For me it was the best thing I ever did, not just for my career but as a person. It really showed me how many skills I already have and how I could use them in an academic and work sense. I also met other people on the course from all over the world and gained so many different insights which I wouldn’t have got anywhere else.

I am now in a fantastic marketing job that I love that has far more prospects for my future and I still get to perform in my spare time.

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